Lauree Jane Photography, LLC | FAQs

All Session Types

I have a question regarding pricing, reservation deposits, payments and/or retouching.   
Please visit my pricing page for these answers.

What days of the week do you have sessions?   
I typically only book sessions on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please contact me though if you need something on a weekday.

How many photographs do you take and how many photographs do I receive?   
I take hundreds of photos and generally choose the best 25.  It all depends on how the session goes.  More often than not my clients get even more photos!  In addition to the color photos you will also receive the black & white and sepia versions.  Image files ARE NOT SOLD individually. Unselected digital photos that are not in the gallery will not be for sale and will not be shown to the Client.

Do you limit the number of poses or clothing changes during a session?   
I do not limit the number of poses - we will just do as many as we can fit in the session time window.   Speaking of poses, I have a few standard poses I like to do but I encourage clients to email me ideas from Pinterest ahead of time and we'll see what we can do!  I also do not limit clothes changes.

What backgrounds do you have?   
Tan damask, blonde sequoia, vintage clouds, chalkboard, and grey.  Also available are orchid, blue and white (advanced notice required for orchid, blue and/or white).  Backgrounds are only available at studio sessions.

What floor drops do you have?   
Rich brown wood, rustic grey brown woodrustic white wood, and furry white.  Floor drops are only available at studio sessions.

Newborn Sessions

Lauree Jane Photography: Newborn and Baby Photography &emdash; Newborn and Family Photographer Erie, PA

When should I book my newborn photoshoot?  
My dates fill up quickly so it's best if you contact me and let me know your due date.  Once the baby is born, please contact me as soon as possible so we can figure out the exact date!

When should newborn photoshoots be done?   
I am often booked several weeks in advance, and as mentioned before, it's VITAL to shoot newborns within the first 14 days of birth. If you wait until you have the baby to contact me, I may not have a slot for you within that timeframe.  Later than 2 weeks old and the baby will have not only grown and changed considerably since birth (losing the "newborn look"), but they become much more reactive and less calm during the shoots. They also may develop baby acne or colic.

What if my baby wakes up during the session?   
Babies are unpredictable.  We can try our best to have the baby be sleeping but you just never know with babies.  Feel free to nurse or bottle feed your infant while you are here as I have a spare bedroom next to my studio for your convenience.  The key is to to stay relaxed as the baby can pick up on nerves!

What should my newborn wear and/or what should I wear?   
Dress the baby in a loose onesie/t-shirt and loose diaper. No socks.  This will help prevent indentations on their skin when these items are removed.   Typically I like to photograph babies nude or with a diaper cover on.  Clothes often just get in the way of the baby's natural beauty.  If mom or dad would like to be in some shots, neutral color clothing (blues, tans, whites, greys) look the best.  I keep the room really warm (with a space heater) so the baby is most comfortable.

Will you photography my baby in the nude?   
I will do nude shots however I like to save them for the end of the session in case a mess occurs (and it usually does).  I also photograph nude newborns on machine washable items so don't worry if your little one has an accident on my props.  It's fine!

What boy hats do you have?   
Brown and white capFisherman's hat, dragon hat, owl hat, lion hat and diaper cover, grey hat, tan diaper cover, and grey diaper cover.  Feel free to bring your own!  

What girl headbands/crowns do you have?   
Large crown, off white yarn, tan yarnmetal petals, lace and pearls, knit and lace, vintage lace, lace and diamonds, and many more!  Feel free to bring your own!  

What props do you have?   
Red crateFaux nest, box with chalkboard for name and birth stats, white wood box, basket, kissing booth, fishing boat, tin bucketDr. Seuss books, sunglasses.  Holiday props: Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's DayChristmas (advanced notice required).   Banners: colorfulblues and greensgreys and yellows, and burlap and lace.  Feel free to bring your own!

What blankets do you have?   
Light grey,  dark grey,  furry off white,  sweater cable off white, bears, knitted, and red.

What maternity gowns do you have?   
Brown gown and lace gown.